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Welcome to the FHL:

After an innovative year of on-line hockey and football in the summer 2020 and winter 2021, and then a wonderful, “Covid-conscious” in-person 2021 summer program, we are pleased to announce we will also be resuming our FALL in-person/on-ice Hockey practices. 

Please note that in-person programming is subject to change based on the Covid-19 situation.

2021 FALL HOCKEY Dates, Times, and Location as follows:

  • DATES: Wednesdays: October 6 & 20; November 3 & 17; December 1 & 15 
  • TIMES: Arrive at arena at 5:15 (on ice from 5:45 to 6:45)
  • LOCATION: Ernie Starr Arena (in Forest Lawn) 4808 – 14 Avenue SE
  • Please bring all hockey equipment, hockey stick and water bottle

LEADERSHIP sessions for youth volunteers ages 12-18+ will continue on-line. 

Our next ZOOM Leadership session with Coach CY is Saturday, September 25 at 11 am with Coach CY.  

Contact info@fhlsociety.ca for more information.

Contact either Marion or Krista for more information about any upcoming activities as well as zoom dates and the zoom links.

FHL: Football Hockey Link offers a unique approach to supporting immigrant children and youth in integrating into Canadian society.

Culturally diverse children learn the basics of football and hockey through summer sports camps, and other activities through out the year, in order to gain an understanding of two great Canadian sports.  Kids and families are then supported by FHL in connecting to their local sports associations.  

We believe that getting involved in the community sports leagues will foster greater sense of belonging in the community!

We provide our sports camps at NO COST thanks to the support from our community partners: Calgary Stampeders, Hockey Calgary, University Dinos Football Team and First Student Canada !

Why Football and Hockey?

Besides a personal love for these games, we have a few reasons for introducing football and hockey to newcomer children. We are aware that:

  • Most people know “football” to be what North Americans call soccer, but we do have our own unique Canadian football league with a great heritage and opportunities for kids. In fact, the CFL: Canadian Football League celebrated its 100th Championship, known as the Grey Cup, in 2012.
  • Hockey is a sport that many people first think of when they think “Canadian sport” – the ice, the skating – something very different for those who have not tried it but it is very much a part of our National psyche with a mystique all to itself
  • When kids who are new to Canada, or are from culturally diverse backgrounds, have the opportunity to experience these truly Canadian sports, they also, truly become participants of Canadian society. They benefit from being able to share with their peers the love and understanding of these games, which we know many kids hope they can grow up taking part in.  Ultimately, this helps build their sense of confidence, inclusion and self worth.

Please Contact Us  – Tel: 403-542-4753 or 403-681-0870; email: info@fhlsociety.ca) For more information about our program!